Saturday, 24 September 2016

Thankyou Adny! But your ebook is in another castle.

Some time ago I picked up a cheap Nook and began to enjoy the world of ebooks.  Of course, I created a nook account and I even bought a book on it...  which it's become very apparent isn't exactly true.

See, Barnes & Noble decided that their nook store wasn't worth running any more, so they closed it - and my book with it.  But fear not! Most of customers' ebook libraries would continue to work as long as we signed up for a Sainsbury's Entertainment On Demand account and migrated our libraries to that.  B&N pestered us quite thoroughly to do so... and, grudgingly, I did eventually do that in order to safeguard my access to that one ebook I bought.

Well... guess what.  Yep, Sainsbury has decided that their Entertainment On Demand store isn't worth running any more, so they're closing it - and my book with it.  But fear not!  Yeah, it's off to Kobo this time...

Fuck that for a game of soldiers - I'm done.  I'll stick to actually buying books, instead of renting the possibility of reading them from stores that can throw in the towel with a shrug and a "most of your library will probably be fine, just jump through hoops and open an account you didn't want".

I'm so glad that I only ever 'bought' that one ebook from a 'regular' store, and got all the rest in Humble Bundles and the like, DRM-free.